Bitcoin Hits New High


Great news for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. One of the projects that I am working on currently and want to bring some attention to is a bit of a spin off from my consultation work I did on an equity trading platform. I am working on retooling it to work for various cryptocoins. As of right now we have a great engine for conducting trades within a real time market or a simulated market using actual bitcoin price data to track performance gains for any investment kept. Currently the focus of my work has been on simulating different algorithms and tracking their performance. In this phase I will begin a fine tuning process for various attributes of these algorithms to further maximize their returns on investment. For some algorithms this is as simple as running a steepest ascent algorithm against the parameters used for decision making in the state machine. You can check out the work done so far in the projects section of the blog. More to come, stay tuned.

News source from CNBC.

Bitcoin price smashes through $6,300 to hit another record high

Bitcoin broke through the $6,300 mark for the first time late on Sunday to hit a new record high. The price of the cryptocurrency hit $6,306.58 just 10 days after first breaching the $6,300 handle. Investors appear to be shrugging off some of the negative news in the bitcoin world.



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