Announcement – Socrates

We have a new family member to introduce! Here is Socrates! We adopted him when he was a mere 6 months old. I have never met a cat so quick to love and cuddle. He will not go anywhere without me or fiancĂ©. We thought we would overcome the trope of calling a tuxedo cat “Sox” by calling him Socrates. Of course, we still call him sox for short (Other nicknames are acceptable: So-Crates, socs, sahcz, etc).


Hello World



Hey everyone, I may not be the right guy to start a blog, but I thought I would give it a try anyways. I don’t have much to write about now so to start off here’s a picture of my cat, Willow. I plan on adding a lot of my personal projects to GitHub over the next couple of days and linking them from here – I was also planning to take on several new projects in the next couple of weeks and I will update progress on those here as well. Stay tuned to hear more!