Database – Video Demo

Here is my final project demo from my database management systems course –  CS5200 at Northeastern University!

In this video demo you will see the conceptual and logical schema designs for the database I designed. In the second half of the video are examples of the database’s user application functionality. For more information on the database design process, or the research project that this database is at the center of go check out the projects page!


Back to School

The year was 2016. I never imagined myself returning to Northeastern when I took this photo with my younger brother and the love of my life. After acquiring a full-time position at L3 Technologies where I had been an intern for some years prior, I was able to branch out into airport security consultation work in 2018. It was consulting for ALERT on Northeastern University’s campus where I was offered the chance to return to school and obtain an M.S. in Computer Engineering concentrating in computer vision, machine learning, and algorithms. This summer I will be graduating with that master’s degree.

Expect more updates to come as clean up my website!