First Published Work!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know about the great news! I am officially a published author. My article in Elsevier Neural Networks was accepted and published for this upcoming September edition. Professor Wang and I survey advances in deep reinforcement learning as they are applied in cyber-physical systems. I am excited for this because hopefully it further informs my dissertation work as I am hoping to use deep reinforcement learning to solve one of the problems I am working on.


It’s Official!

I have passed my qualifying exam! I am now “everything but dissertation.” Theoretically I am not taking anymore classes, and I have formed my dissertation committee. I am excited to work with my committee to write a dissertation!

Take a look at my qualifying exam in the projects page (or at this link). I had to briefly survey compression techniques for neural networks.

Also available in the projects page (or at this link) is my Master’s thesis from 2020. I thought it was about time I add that to my webpage.


Bitcoin Hits New Low

I wanted to give a brief update on Bitcoin. I had been very interested in bitcoin during the first big price surge in 2017. You may remember I was trying to get an automated trading platform off the ground around that time; luckily for me I did not finish the platform before Bitcoin’s value dipped. I have not looked back. Over the years my opinion on Bitcoin has changed sharply. I believe it to be a fraud perpetrated against retail investors. We see time and time again massive hacks against exchanges that have left many investors broke. It is a bummer that I never got any money out of this craze, but I also never lost money, and that puts me wildly ahead of average. Perhaps in moments like these we should fall back on that old adage: if it is too good to be true – it isn’t.

I think blockchain is an interesting idea and I am excited for future technologies that incorporate blockchain into designs. However, at least in its current state I do not see it creating the “first ever decentralized stable currency.” Maybe someday, but not today in its current iteration.


Database – Video Demo

Here is my final project demo from my database management systems course –  CS5200 at Northeastern University!

In this video demo you will see the conceptual and logical schema designs for the database I designed. In the second half of the video are examples of the database’s user application functionality. For more information on the database design process, or the research project that this database is at the center of go check out the projects page!


Back to School

The year was 2016. I never imagined myself returning to Northeastern when I took this photo with my younger brother and the love of my life. After acquiring a full-time position at L3 Technologies where I had been an intern for some years prior, I was able to branch out into airport security consultation work in 2018. It was consulting for ALERT on Northeastern University’s campus where I was offered the chance to return to school and obtain an M.S. in Computer Engineering concentrating in computer vision, machine learning, and algorithms. This summer I will be graduating with that master’s degree.

Expect more updates to come as clean up my website!